About Us

Drift Academy is a cost-effective school for drivers looking to go sideways. You'll drive your car to the limit as we teach you the basics of drifting in a 1 on 1 training enviroment complete with tips on vehicle setup and tire choices.


Vehicle Requirements
In order to sign up, you need to have a rear-wheel drive vehicle. But it can't be any rear wheel drive vehicle, it has to be a mid-size or compact vehicle. If you're uncertain about the vehicle you can use, feel free to contact us to verify if it's eligible to use. Or if you don't have a rear wheel drive vehicle at all, we offer the option to rent you one. Call for details on renting our school car.

Tech Requirements
Your vehicle must pass these tech requirements in order to drift. This is what we'll be looking at when you bring your vehicle to one of our tech stations. So please read carefully.

  • 1. Battery properly secured and positive terminal covered (NO BELTS OR TAPE).
  • 2. Engine compartment free of loose items (air filter, hoses, wires, etc).
  • 3. No fluid leaks or exposed wires.
  • 4. Brake lights function properly (atleast two red functioning brake lights).
  • 5. Seat and seatbelts properly mounted and secured.
  • 6. Brake pads and rotors in good condition.
  • 7. Wheels and wheel bearings are tight and road worthy.
  • 8. Windshield is free of cracks which might obstruct the driver's vision with atleast 1 functioning driver-side windshield wiper.
  • 9. Helmet is SNELL certified M95 or SA95 or newer and free of damage.
  • 10. No loose items in passenger compartment or trunk.
  • 11. Roll bar in open cars is required.

You'll first need to download the registration form and fill it out to hand it to us when you come to get your vehicle inspected. The form is available in two formats, Word and PDF. If for some reason neither file works, contact us.

Word FormPDF Form

After you have completed the form, call one of our tech stations in order to set up an appointment to get your vehicle inspected. Be ready to turn in your completed form including payment when going to the appointment. This registration process will be temporary as we work giving you the option to register online at a later date. Current cost per session is: $125.00.